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How to Choose the Right In-Home Care Provider for You

It’s a fact of life—We grow older and, eventually, need assistance in performing our activities of daily living (ADLs) to ensure we continue to live organized and healthy lives. In many cases, we require in-home care way before we hit our later years due to surgeries or unexpected memory loss.

In these instances, in-home care is often a necessity. In-home care is defined as expert services that allow any given person in need of assistance the chance to live securely in their personal home. People who need in-home care can include but are not limited to the elderly, individuals suffering from chronic health issues, and anyone who has undergone extensive surgery.

While many family members first think about sending their loved ones to a facility to receive professional care, it is actually proven that keeping them home is much better for their health. In fact, According to John Hopkins Medicine, “Of the 5.2 million people in the United States who have Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia, 70 percent remain at home, an option that’s been shown to keep people healthier and happier and help them live longer.”

That’s right! People who receive in-home care are more likely to live longer and more fulfilled lives than those who are sent to senior community centers, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, etc. If you or a loved one are in need of care, there are some aspects you should consider before hiring an in-home care company.

Check out our top qualities to look for when choosing the right in-home care provider for you!

A Positive Reputation in the Community

There’s no doubt that you should do a quick Google search for the in-home care company you are about to contact. Check out any online reviews and testimonials to see what past and present clients and loved ones are saying about the company. Is the in-home care provider receiving more praise than criticism? If so, that’s a good sign!

You can also ask around in local online forums such as Facebook and the Nextdoor App to see what people from your community suggest. After you ask for the community’s opinion, pay attention to which in-home care company names pop up the most. This list will be a great starting point for your research.

Responsive and Caring Professionals

Upon first contacting an in-home care provider, pay attention to the service and treatment you receive while inquiring. Did they answer your questions with reassurance and compassion? Or, did you get the sense that you were an inconvenience for even calling?

While everyone can have an off day, it is crucial that you feel as though you are treated with kindness from the get-go from any in-home care provider. The way you are treated from the beginning will be a direct reflection of the care you or a loved one can expect to receive from that in-home care provider.

Locally Owned and Established

We live in a day and age where any entity can run an online company without stepping foot in the local community. While this may not seem like an upfront issue, it can cause problems down the line. For example, when hiring an in-home care company, it is both reassuring and beneficial to know that there is a local office you can visit.

As stated by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, “Locally owned businesses build strong communities by sustaining vibrant town centers, linking neighbors in a web of economic and social relationships, and contributing to local causes.” That is, businesses that are local are built on the trust of the community.

If an issue ever arises with the in-home care of your loved one, do you want to be forced to communicate through email? Or would you prefer to be able to stop by an office and speak to a real person? Finding an in-home care provider who is locally owned is key to receiving the best possible care.

Well-Rounded Services

Not all in-home care clients are elderly individuals who simply need a caregiver to help them clean, cook, and remember to take their medication. While this is the case in many instances, an in-home care company should also offer varying services for clients who need post-op or memory care.

An in-home care company offering post-op surgical care and even memory care for those suffering from dementia is demonstrating confidence in their experience and abilities. Any reputable in-home care provider should be able to offer each client a tailored experience to fit their needs.

Do you have a loved one who may need in-home care in the foreseen future? Do you anticipate that you may need post-op care after a scheduled surgery? Our Green Pastures Home Care team is here to help by providing well-rounded in-home care services. Reach Out to us today for more information about our industry professionals and philosophy!