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At Grass Guru

We source our high quality, premium grass products fresh from our farms. We employ only the best practices in cultivating the best carpet grass in Malaysia for your needs.

We primarily cater to 4 main carpet grass types that have been demonstrated for years to serve the various needs of our clients and thrive in the humid and hot Malaysian weather conditions.

Our Grass

Cow Grass Carpet Grass

Cow grass is the most common carpet-grass in Malaysia. Cow grass features broad blades of short to medium length. Despite its coarse appearance, cow grass is generally soft to the touch. With firmly entrenched roots, cow grass is the preferred choice for most school fields in Malaysia due to its affordability, especially for larger areas.

Philippines Carpet Grass

Ranked as the second-best carpet grass for lawns and gardens, Philippines Carpet Grass is celebrated for its resilience, making it easy to cultivate. Once the grass is stabilised, daily watering is not necessary. However, Philippines Carpet Grass thrives best in areas that are exposed to direct sunlight; if the planting site lacks sunlight, then this may not be the most suitable option.

Pearl Carpet Grass

Following the adage, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” the round-shaped leaves or blades of Pearl Carpet Grass, resembling pearls, distinguish it from other carpet grass varieties. The perceived beauty of its “pearly” blades has led to its widespread cultivation in residential areas, becoming a popular choice for landscaping. If you’re seeking a grass variety that deviates from the norm, Pearl Carpet Grass might be a distinctive option.

Japanese Carpet Grass

Japanese Carpet Grass is the favourite carpet grass varieties in Malaysian. Japanese Carpet Grass stands out as it features finer, thinner blades compared to Philippines Carpet Grass. It is shorter, compact, and has remarkably softer blades. However, it’s premium look and the allure of its soft foliage has persuaded many Malaysians to make it their preferred carpet grass for their green space at home and other open spaces, despite its higher price.

How Our Grass is Delivered

Our fresh, high-quality, live grass is delivered in polybags measuring 1×2 feet in general. All it takes to plant it when it arrives at your location, is removing it from the polybags and planting it on the prepared topsoil at your desired location. Check out the video below to see how it’s done easily.