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Japanese Grass


Japanese Grass also known as ‘Zoysia Japonica’ stands out as a captivating and beautiful ornamental grass, uniquely thriving in sunny to shady environments – perfect for use in Malaysia.

Japanese grass (Zoysia Japonica) boasts smooth, rigid, vertically oriented leaf blades that unfurl from the bud. Typically measuring approximately 0.5 millimeters in width, these blades exhibit a hairy soft, base that’s slightly soft and coarse to touch. 


Japanese Grass for Landscaping

Climate for Japanese Grass

Japanese grass aka Zoysia Japonica thrives in regions with a humid climate and exhibits robust growth in cool temperate zones, transition zones, as well as warm temperate or marine zones. Initially cultivated in these favourable climates in China, Japan, and Korea, this grass species has found suitable cultivation grounds all over Asia and even in the United States and Australia.

It’s as such no surprise to see the popularity of Japanese Grass use in Malaysia – especially in green places that you’d want to exude a premium look or even in your own personal garden space.

Use of Japanese Grass

Japanese Grass (Zoysia Japonica) is most commonly used as carpet grass or turf grass. In Malaysia, it’s popularly used for home gardens,  hotel garden landscaping, and even over much larger areas such as golf course fairways. 

The beauty of Japanese grass lies in its premium look and aesthetics, as well as the fact that it’s really nice to talk on barefoot. This can truly be a pleasure if you’re the type of person who loves distressing after a long day by talking a walk in a garden – which you can then recreate in your own home easily.

Zoysia Japonica Japanese Grass

Care of Japanese Grass

Japanese grass also grows a little more slowly compared to other grass types such as cow grass.

Japanese grass is also generally quite resilient to the elements and can grow with minimal care and pruning after planting it.

They also thrive in areas that’s not too sunny or shady, so there is not too much to worry about that.


In summary, Japanese Grass (Zoysia Japonica) is an excellent choice of carpet grass for those who would like a premium choice of grass for their green space.

It’s ease of caring for, fine look and softness to touch, makes it an excellent choice for beautifying your garden or green spaces accordingly. So if you’re ready to spruce up your garden space and truly lift the look of your green spaces – contact us at Grass Guru today and let us help you do exactly that with beautiful Japanese Carpet Grass.