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Popular Carpet Grass Malaysia


In the lush landscapes of Malaysia, carpet grass has become a staple for creating vibrant and inviting outdoor spaces. In this article, we will explore four types of carpet grass that thrive in Malaysia’s tropical climate, offering not only aesthetic appeal but also practicality for landscaping projects.

In Malaysia, there are primarily 4 types of Carpet Grass for your landscaping project requirements.

Cow Grass: Budget-Friendly and Widely Seen

  • Description: Cow Grass, the most commonly seen carpet grass in Malaysia, offers a budget-friendly option without compromising on softness and coverage.
  • Features: With broad, medium-short blades, Cow Grass is soft to the touch and widely planted in schools and residential areas across Malaysia. The three-petalled variant provides denser coverage, making it an excellent choice for landscaping on a budget.
  • Price: RM0.90 per sqft


Philippine Grass: Resilience with Elegance

  • Description: Following closely in popularity, the Philippine Grass is celebrated for its hardiness and resilience, making it an easy-to-grow option.
  • Features: Requiring ample sunlight, the Philippine Carpet Grass boasts a slow growth rate, reducing the need for frequent mowing. Despite being the second most expensive option, it offers an elegant and affordable landscaping solution.
  • Price: RM1.50 per sqft


Pearl Carpet Grass: Unique Beauty in Every Blade

  • Description: Some argue that Pearl Grass also known in Malay as ‘Rumput Mutiara‘ surpasses even Japanese Carpet Grass in beauty, boasting round-shaped blades that resemble pearls.
  • Features: Adapted to Malaysia’s hot and wet weather, Pearl Carpet Grass is known for its drainage capabilities. The “pearly” blades make it a unique choice for residential landscaping, adding a touch of distinctiveness to your outdoor space.
  • Price: RM1.50 per sqft


Japanese Carpet Grass: Beauty in Slow Growth

  • Description: Recognized as one of the most popular choices among Malaysian households, Japanese Grass stands out for its refined, thin blades and a slower growth rate.
  • Features: With shorter, compact, and remarkably soft blades, Japanese Carpet Grass requires minimal trimming, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a premium, low-maintenance carpet grass option.
  • Price: RM3.00 per sqft



When it comes to carpet grass for landscaping in Malaysia, the choice is vast, catering to various preferences and budgets.

Whether you opt for the refined elegance of Japanese Carpet Grass, the resilient charm of Philippine Carpet Grass, the unique beauty of Pearl Carpet Grass, or the budget-friendly versatility of Cow Grass, each type has its own appeal.

Transform your outdoor space into a green haven with the perfect carpet grass that suits your needs and complements the tropical beauty of Malaysia with Grass Guru today!